About Us

The Shore Old Boys' Union was founded in 1894.

The primary function is to provide support and facilitate camaraderie amongst all Old Boys. The OBU also assists current boys and the wider Shore Community.

Services provided by the OBU include organising reunions and events, committee membership, School Council membership, providing support to Old Boys on career and life issues, as well as assisting archives. The OBU provides financial support to many worthy activities, including funding scholarships for current students.

Since its inception the OBU has been able to, and continues to, make a major contribution to Shore and the wider Shore community. The OBU Committee is actively working on increasing the range of services offered to Old Boys and the school community. Your particpation or feedback would be welcome.


If you have any inquiries or feedback regarding alumni related activities and events, please contact the OBU Alumni Relations Manager Alexandra Macaulay, 02 9956 1123 or email.  

For whole of life support please contact Rick Clive - Community Relations Manager, 02 9956 1482 or email.