Shore Cadet Unit - Ceremonial Swords

The Shore Cadet Unit Ceremonial Officer Swords have been donated to Shore jointly by the Shore Foundation and the Shore Old Boys' Union.

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Listed below are the names of 26 Old Boys and an Old Master which have been engraved on the swords. The distinguished officers selection was based on the research of Robert Peterson of war service as published in Facing the Foe War, Service of Shore Old Boys during the first 50 years.   First published in 2006, copies may be purchased from Shore School.

Cameron EC (1912), Dyer RJ (1904), Fetherstonhaugh CM (1896) Fuller CD (1897), Gilder TG (1913), Grainger AM (1982), Holden LH (1911), Hutchinson EL (1901), Kater ES (1908), Kingsmill HF (1905), Mackay IG (Master), Massie RJA (1904), Moseley AH (1898), Paterson JG (1904), Pennefather RV (1905), Playfair TA (1906), Reid RS (1901), Robey RK (1907), Rundle WJS (1934), Sayers RL (1909), St Vincent Welch HL (1905), St Vincent Welch JB (1895), Tozer CJ (1908), Vernon CH (1898), Wilkinson WAC (1909), Williams LL (1911)

George Alfred "Peter" Lloyd AC OBE (38)