The Shore Archives as a recognisable entity began in 1964. A group of 13 boys under the direction of the then School Librarian, T H Visser, formed an Archives Committee. The collection that became the basis for the present Archives goes back much further. The December 1926 Torch Bearer reports that I F Jones, the School Librarian, for some time had collected and filed photographs of First Teams and Crews back to 1891. Jones continued to add photos of teams, prefects and staff for the next 3 years until there was an album of 99 photographs, which them seems to have sat in a cupboard in the library until it was unearthed by Dr Visser.

Today, Shore has an ongoing Archive Project which aims to gather and preserve not only memorabilia from Shore's early days before it is lost forever, but also material relating to every Old Boy and his family.

The Shore Archives collection contains an enormous wealth of historical records, photographs, souvenirs, articles and other memorabilia. This unique collection is being maintained for posterity for the benefit of all Old Boys, their families and future generations of the School Community.

Being located in its own purpose-designed area, it enables day-to-day access by Old Boys, their families and friends of the School to research family and local history, as well as access by the boys for research projects as part of their current study. The Archives Centre is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by an archivist.

Enormous changes to the accessibility of material have occurred since the opening of the Bob Gowing Museum, which houses the Shore Archives. Technology has allowed the archivist to digitise photos of sporting teams and school groups, Torch Bearers have been scanned, digitised and indexed as part of The Archives Project.

The objectives of Shore's Archive Project are:

  • To ensure the retention, preservation and control of the records of the Shore School that relate to its origins, history, function, policies and activities.
  • To maintain, preserve, control and enlarge Shore's archival and museum collection.
  • To collect and preserve books or other forms of recorded information; such as audio or visual tapes, scrap books, clippings, photographs and other references which relate to the history of Shore in all its aspects and to provide information which will compliment and expand the archival and museum holdings.
  • To collect, preserve, research and exhibit objects and artefacts that pertain to the history of Shore in an appropriate area providing good physical or virtual access for students, staff, Old Boys, friends of the School and where necessary members of the public. Displays should be in diverse parts of the School with key areas being the Boatshed, the School Memorial Library, the Grandstands at Northbridge, the Chapel, the Smith Auditorium and the Memorial Hall with its surrounds.
  • To adopt procedures and policies which will enable the student body to develop an appreciation of the heritage which they enjoy and which will facilitate access by students past and present, members of staff and affiliated organisations to the archival and museum collection.

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