Gallipoli and Shore Old Boys

During World War I, more than 900 Shore Old Boys enlisted and of that, approximately 130 died. The number of Old Boys who served in Gallipoli is unknown though we do know the story of some of them.

On this page you will find items and links related to Shore School’s Old Boys’ involvement with Gallipoli. There are some photographs, two diaries, information about those who are buried at Gallipoli, anecdotes, and an album of photographs. Some of the links to materials are on the right of this page. 

If you have any difficulties viewing these materials or have any questions, please contact Shore School Archivist, Kate Riseley, via email: or telephone 02 9900 4765.




The light horse were initially considered unsuitable for the Gallipoli operation, but were soon deployed without their horses to reinforce the infantry. The 1st Light Horse Regiment landed on 12 May 1915 and was attached to the New Zealand and Australian Division. It played a defensive role for most of the campaign but mounted an attack on the Turkish position known as "the Chessboard" as part of the August Offensive on 7 August - 200 men were involved, 147 became casualties. The regiment left Gallipoli on 21 December 1915.

1466       DOWLING Eric Sheen
Wounded in Action 14/5/1915
Died of wounds at Jerusalem 18/11/1917
Window and lectern in Chapel in his memory

1597       CLIFFORD-JONES Francis Moulton

728         EDWARDS George Peacock
Died 20/11/1916 of meningitis

1205       TUCKER William Thorton
Wounded In Action 12/10/1915

1361       HAY Charles Stewart Dalrymple
Military Cross awarded 17 Aug 1917

936         HOWARD Leo Charles Golding
Killed In Action 9 Apr 1917

1411       HORDERN Cecil Anthony
Wounded In Action 9 Sep 1915 and 9 Jan 1917

1043       WRIGHT Maxwell Edward
Wounded In Action 2 Jun 1915
Military Cross 3 Jun 1919

1060       GARBETT Alan Montague

500         WILSON Neville Templeton
Wounded in Action 4 Aug 1916

745         NETTLETON Burdett Philip
Killed In Action 7 Aug 1915

1325       WORDSWORTH Robert Harley

1078       NICHOLL John Oliver Harvey
Wounded In Action 19 May 1915, left arm amputated

982         MACDONALD Ronald Alexander Leslie
Wounded In Action 30 May 1915
Killed in Action 9 Aug 1916

1185       McDONALD Keith Vivers
Killed in Action 7 Aug 1915.



This diary is a very recent accession, and is currently being transcribed. It covers time in Gallipoli in 1916.

Clarke's Diary Part 1
Clarke's Diary Part 2
Clarke's Diary Part 3
Clarke's Diary Part 4
Clarke's Diary Part 5
Clarke's Diary Transcript 

Student number 10 on the register, Mordaunt Lindsay Clarke left Shore in 1896. 1st XI cricket Junior and matriculated from Sydney University.

Service record: Joined 6 Mar 1915. 2Lt Inf. Embarked 13 Apr 1915. Gallipoli 13Bn 20 Jun 1915. Wounded in action 28 Aug 1915. Lt 20 Jan 1916. Returned and Terminated (Injured) 17 Mar 1916.



This album contains many photos of the places Lt. Les Trenerry (left Shore 1911) visited, including Egypt, Anzac Cove, France, London and his home life back in Australia. Some of the photos show scenes of battle.

Trenerry's Gallipoli Photo Album

While serving in Gallipoli and France, Les Trenerry (left Shore 1911) kept this notebook with him in his breast pocket. It contains notes of artillery measurements, sketch maps of Gallipoli, poetry, short diary entries, and other various jottings. Inserted between the pages are reminders of home;a gum leaf and Shore's crest.

Trenerry's Notebook/Diary

Further Gallipoli Information


Gallipoli Anecdotes

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