Welcome to the Shore Archives

The Archives at Shore, encompassing the Bob Gowing Museum, was officially opened in in its current location in 2014. The Museum comprises a reading room for researchers and visitors, a work room, and a large secure storage area housing the archival material. The Bob Gowing Museum, with its display of archival material, highlights the history of Shore School and Old Boys.

The Shore Archives facility contains a wealth of photographs, maps and plans, School publications, oral histories, audio-visual records, ephemera, documents, items of school uniform and donated material related to the schools inception in 1889 to the present.

Its archival records have supported five significant publications; The School Register: Shore by Old Boy Geoffrey Sherington, A Celebration of Shore by Peter Taylor, Facing the Foe by R.C. Peterson and The Torch Bearers edited by J.R. Gorham and C.J.L Hewett.

From December 2013 Archives has moved to the Tom O'Neill Centre which is located in the grounds of Graythwaite. The Bob Gowing Museum is located in The Stables, which is the rear building of Graythwaite. Access to both is via Reception in Graythwaite.

The Shore Archives is open Monday to Friday during School Term. Please contact the Archivist to make an appointment. If you have any questions or information to share please contact Kate Riseley on 02 9900-4765 or archivist@shore.nsw.edu.au

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