The Shore Mitre Club

The Shore Mitre Club was formed in May 1997 by a group of Old Boys in conjunction with the Old Boys' Union, The Foundation and the School.

The clubs aims and rules are:


  • To keep Old Boys in touch with each other and with the School;
  • To preserve and strengthen the ideals, traditions and history of the School; and
  • To raise the level of pride in being a Shore Old Boy.


  • Membership is automatic to Shore Old Boys, based on the Alumni being of about 70 years of age.
  • The Old Boys' Union Office will provide appropriate administrative support.
  • At least one social gathering will be organised each year following which an AGM will be held at which six members will be a quorum.
  • Members present will appoint a Convenor who will hold office for two years.
  • The Convener will appoint an Organising Committee to help achieve the aims of the Club during his tenure of office.
  • The Rules of the Club may be altered by a majority vote of those present at an AGM.

Membership of the Mitre Club is offered to Alumni Groups in May of each year.  There is no joining fee or annual subscription.

The Mitre Club has two lunchtime meetings each year that are normally held at the School.  One is a Christmas Lunch, normally held on the first Tuesday following the completion of Term 4 in December and the second a ‘Legends of Shore’ luncheon.  This luncheon is held to honour and pay tribute to a past member of the School community and is usually held on the first Monday following the completion of Term 2 in June/July each year.

Old Boys wishing to join the Mitre Club or require further information should contact the Secretary of the Old Boys' Union Rick Clive in the Old Boys Union Office.

Phone 02 9956 1482
Email  oldboys@shore.nsw.edu.au