Conveners Graeme Anderson and Pax Lambert assembled 20 bright young men for the 1946 70 Year Reunion which was held on a beautiful sunny autumn day at Graythwaite on Friday 11 April 2016.

The day opened with a visit to the Archives museum where they were met by Archivist Kate Riseley. A tour of the first two levels of Graythwaite including a view from the balcony followed, led by Kathy Dickson the School’s Bursar. Kathy gave a wonderful address on the restoration of the historic building and the surrounding buildings.

Graeme opened proceedings at the luncheon in welcoming all. He later gave a wonderful Toast to the School and what he had achieved in life in having attended.   Rick Clive in his role as Community Relations Manager spoke on the success of the School in recent years. He also gave a summary of recent OBU activities and events and finished with a note on Old Boys who had been in the news of late.  A short film featuring archival footage of days at School was shown on a big screen. Each was given a copies a copy to treasure.

Many made the journey from interstate and country regions. John Blackwell and Graham Pennefather made the long journey over from Western Australia, Doug Jamieson made it down from Narrabri, Roy Horrocks from Umina, Max Moffitt from Alstonville, and John Sutton came up from Yarralumla in the ACT.

The afternoon concluded with each in attendance giving a two minute summary of what they had done in life. Each was a story in itself many having gone on to the land, others into Engineering, medicine and law. A wonderful afternoon of friendship and comraidre was over for yet another year to the sounds of Auld Lang Syne.

A catch up for the year is planned within 12 months at a venue to be decided, possibly the Kirribilli Yacht Squadron.  

Attendees:  Bruce Ambrose, Graeme Anderson, John Blackwell, Colin Croll, David Finch, Roy Horrocks, Doug Jamieson, Keith Jones, Ray Kirby, Pax Lambert, Tom Lee-Martin, Con Limbers, Pat Mills, Max Moffitt, Graham Pennefather, Philip Peters, Brian Shearman, Graham Shirley, Terry St Clair and John Sutton.

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Rick Clive (68), OBU Community Relations Manager