A small group of Old Boys gathered for a lovely dinner recently in the cellar of the Australian Club, Melbourne.  Dr Tim Wright, Headmaster, updated the group on the plans for the new Shore Physical Education Centre, providing a virtual tour of this new faciltiy that will challenge the learner mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.

The Convener, John Bower (69) welcomed guests and passed on apologies from his fellow Convener, Bill Reynolds (69) who was absent due to the recent loss of his wife.  The group very much enjoyed the conversation, and reminiscing about their days at school.

Guests included John Best (88), Reuben Crossley (69), Lindsay Crossley (72), Doug Curlewis (72), Luke Dobbyn (85), Ron Ferdinands (94), Nick Hann (06), Rodney Hanson (69), Alan Harvey (72), Edward Harvey (61), Peter McDonald (79), Geoff Pollard AM (60) and Tony Rawson (68).

Alexandra Macaulay, OBU Alumni Manager and Rick Clive (68), Community Relations Manager were also in attendance.

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