77 golfers and 12 bowlers joined together on the OBU Sports Day and Dinner on Thursday 13 October.

Golfers enjoyed playing at the challenging Manly Golf Club this year and despite the rainy afternoon had a pleasant day out.

Golf winners:-

Hattersley Trophy – Brian Paterson (69)

B Farram Memorial Trophy – Chris van Homrigh (current parent)

David B Walker Trophy – Chris van Homrigh and Brett Hatherell (friend of Chris’)

2BBB Runners up – Jamie Summon and Stephen Reid (friends of Shore)

Alumni Year – 1969 represented by Brian Paterson, Rick Hutchinson and Charlie Horder

Father/Son – David and Jono Forsythe (69 and 98)

Nearest Pin 8th – Alex Nelson (13)

Nearest Pin 15th – Brian Paterons (69)

Longest drive – Geoffrey Erby (87)

Golden Putter – Stephen Bowhill (current parent)

Straight drive – John de Greenlaw (71)

Scratch golf – Rob Guest (75)

Bowls winners:-

Lead – Brian Lamble (52)

Second – Phil Slade (59)

Third – Dale McBean (50)

Cameron Girdlestone, 2016 Olympic Silver Medallist and current teacher at Shore was guest speaker.  In 2003, Cameron made the switch from cricket to rowing at Kings.  Two years later he competed in the Men's Four at the Junior World Championships.  He made his first senior A team in 2014.  Cameron shared his inspirational story, which was extremely well received by the group.

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