The UK/EU-based Old Boys annual lunch gathering was held on Saturday, May 21 at The English Restaurant, Spitalfields, owned by Peter Sinden (71) and his wife Kay.  There were 17 Old Boys and one guest in attendance at the annual lunch, the 62nd reunion counting from the first, pre-war event in 1937.  The group’s oldest member, Jim Gabriel (40), who was at the first post-WWII reunion, held at the Royal College of Surgeons in 1956, reports that over the years various people have taken the chair but the most prominent have been Sir Brian Windeyer (21) on 16 occasions, Vic Thompson (44) for 10, with John Lotz (54) racking up his 15th year in 2016 as Honorary President.

Attendees were: Jim Gabriel (40), John Cordingley (45), John Lotz (54), Stuart Donnan (56), Marcus Hope (58), John Sinden (68), Peter Sinden (71), Richard Dey (71), Mick McKaughan (71), Rowan McGregor (74), Geoff Milton (74), Greg Ray (81), Nicholas Street (82), Richard Sevier (87), Mike Campbell (89) and Darran Wheeldon (97) and his partner Elena Grodetskaya.  Apologies: Denis Macourt (44), Peter Clifford (63), Corrie Parsonson (68), Robert Cudmore (75), Mike Hawker (76), Christopher Hobbs (77), Peter O’Donnell (82), Brian Humphris (88),Toby Reid (91), Tim King (91), Cameron Tonkin (93), Rob Shaw (96), Andrew Hawkins (97), Hayden Locke (99), Will Hattersley (99), Alistair Bentivoglio (00), Graeme Burns (02), Toby Moss (04) and Hugh Ronald (09).

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