209 Year 12 boys attended a lunch held in the School Dining Hall on 16 September, to welcome them as soon-to-be Old Boys. 

Guest speaker, James Wakefield (05) spoke to the boys about his years post school and the successful launch of his business Institchu. 

All boys were presented with an Old Boy tie. 

Old Boys Jon Perry (83), Steve Woodhill (79), Tom Pollard (88), Angus Kench (83), Simon Ascroft (84), Nick Foord (80), Ian Macdonald (79), Peter Murphy (85), Simon Pilbeam (82), Mike Sandilands (86(), Jum Woodhill (14), Greggory Burrow (79), Geoff Lovell (83), Rick Clive (68), Tim Wallace (86), Nick Stevens (88) and Mike Pennell (Life Associate Member on the OBU Committee) hosted tables.

Year 12 lunch web.jpg

Back row (L-R) Tom Pollard, Simon Ascroft, Mike Sandilands, Simon Pilbeam, Angus Kench

Middle row (L-R) Tim Wallace, Greggory Burrow, Ian Macdonald, Steve Woodhill, Jum Woodhill, Peter Murphy, Geoff Lovell

Front row (L-R) Alexandra Macaulay (Alumni Manager), Nick Stevens, Rick Clive, James Wakefield, Jon Perry