Forty five Old Boys from the 1951/52 years celebrated their 65th Reunion on 7 April at the Football/Tennis Pavilion at Northbridge.  A perfect autumn day for the boys to gather together and enjoy pre-lunch drinks.  Conveners Dale McBean, John Millard, Michael Lowe and Peter Willkinson met guests and mingled prior to sitting down to enjoy lunch.

After toasting absent friends, Rev John Wyndham said Grace, followed by a toast to the School by John Millard.  Mrs Kathy Dickson, Bursar at the School, responded on behalf of the School and provided a detailed and interesting overview of the proposed new development of the Shore Physical Education Centre.

After the lunch a number of boys were taken on a tour of Northbridge facilities and Graythwaite by Rick Clive (68), Community Relations Manager. 

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