Twenty Old Boys attended the annual Melbourne Reunion Dinner in the Southern Capital on the evening of Tuesday 10 November 2015.

Held for the first time for many years during spring and for the first time at the wonderful RACV Club, host Geoff Pollard (60) arrived early to greet everyone.

Guests included the Headmaster Dr Tim Wright, OBU Community Relations Manager Rick Clive (68) and Steve Pilcher (63), Steve having convened the event for a period of 25 years before standing aside from the role at last year’s event.

Conveners Bill Reynolds and John Bower, members of the 1969 Alumni welcomed all, Bill acknowledging those with apologies in his opening address and John with a wonderful Toast to the School. 

Prior to the main meal Rick spoke on events and happenings within the OBU, while he paid tribute to two Old Boys who had been regular attendees of the Melbourne Dinner, notably John Richards (64) and Hon Michael Mackellar AM (55) both men having sadly passed away since the group last met. 

Following dinner Dr Wright informed the gathering on School activities, prior to taking questions from the floor.  The Headmaster paid tribute to his retiring Deputy Graham Robertson, while he mentioned that the School was exuding tremendous spirit and was now recognised as one of the leading Academic Schools in the Country.

To conclude a great evening enjoyed by all, Rick presented both John Marshall (38) and Steve Pilcher (63) with a gift in recognition of their outstanding service to the Victorian branch of the Shore Old Boys Union over a lengthy period of time.

The 2016 Melbourne Dinner will be held at the same time next year with both Bill Reynolds and John Bower as Conveners, encouraging younger Old Boys living in Melbourne to come along.

Attendees:  Guest Dr Tim Wright, Headmaster

  • Andrew Ambrose (79)                                                   Ted Harvey (61)
  • John Bower (69)                                                          Dave de Greenlaw (69)
  • Stephen Brain (57)                                                      Grenville Hudson (72)
  • Ross Burney (89)                                                         Ian Jowett (51)
  • Lindsay Crossley (72)                                                   John Marshall (38)
  • Reuben Crossley (69)                                                   Alick Osbourne (86)
  • Rick Clive (68)                                                            Steve Pilcher (63)             
  • Richard Fitzherbert (63)                                                 Geoff Pollard (60)                           
  • Rod Hanson (69)                                                          Bill Reynolds (69)
  • Alan Harvey (72)                                                          Ian Robinson (70)



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